During His public ministry on Earth, Jesus talked frequently about the potential power of seemingly small things. For example, a seed planted in the ground can grow into something large and provide many benefits.

Endowment funds are like planted seeds—they start small and they grow with a little nurturing. And when endowments are planted and grown, they can provide opportunities to expand the horizons of work in God’s kingdom.

Are you ready to leave a legacy? Do you pray for the future of mission and ministry? Let the Lutheran Legacy Foundation help you establish your own endowment fund. Plant seeds for future generations in God’s kingdom.

If you have ever considered beginning your own foundation, consider putting your funds into a community foundation. Eliminate start-up costs, decrease management fees and greatly reduce the amount of government paperwork. Learn about the difference between private foundations and community foundations.

The Lutheran Legacy Foundation (LLF) may provide guidance and assistance with legal and accounting aspects of forming a foundation. When you work with LLF, you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped. You also gain:

  • Ease of establishing and maintaining your fund
  • The comfort of working with a trusted friend
  • Tax advantages (learn more)
  • Flexibility in fund implementation

We, and those we work with, thank you in advance for your generosity—for your desire to build and grow God’s love in our community and beyond. Plant your first seed with the Lutheran Legacy Foundation by contacting us, contributing, or starting an endowment fund.

LUTHERAN – Lutheran Legacy Foundation was formed for Lutherans who wish to financially promote the cause of Lutheranism throughout the world. To this end, Lutheran Legacy Foundation will help individuals establish endowment funds, charitable remainder trusts and estate plans. Individuals may choose to benefit causes other than Lutheran.  However, Lutheran Legacy Foundation’s charitable endeavors will be exclusively Lutheran.

LEGACY – This is something we pass on to future generations. Financially, Lutheran Legacy Foundation may be able to help you ensure that the scriptural and evangelical traditions of the Lutheran Church are passed on. Our mission statement includes the phrase, “to nurture Christian faith and values to future generations.”

FOUNDATION - Jesus warned of the folly of building on an unstable foundation. The bedrock foundation of the Church is Jesus Christ, and He has promised that it will always prevail. We trust in that promise. We also trust that He gives His people the necessary gifts to make that happen. In I Corinthians 12, St. Paul tells us that through the Holy Spirit, gifts are given that build up the whole Church. If God has blessed you with faith in His promises, financial ability and a generous heart, Lutheran Legacy Foundation would like to help you become a building block in the Church.

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