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During His public ministry, Jesus talked frequently about the potential power of seemingly small things. For example, a seed planted in the ground can grow into something large and provide many benefits.

Endowment funds are like planted seeds—they start small and they grow with a little nurturing. When endowments are planted and grown, they can provide opportunities to expand the horizons of work in God’s kingdom.

It is the goal of Lutheran Legacy Foundation to nurture Christian faith and values to future generations. To achieve this, Lutheran Legacy Foundation helps Lutheran churches, individuals and institutions establish endowments. We want your visions of future mission and ministry to come to fruition.

We provide guidance and assistance with legal and accounting aspects of establishing an endowment. When you work with Lutheran Legacy Foundation, you gain:

  • Ease of establishing and maintaining an endowment
  • The comfort of working with a trusted friend
  • Flexibility in fund implementation

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